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We live in a digital world today. Our working world is changing at a rapid pace.

Ines Mokrani, the CEO of MatchMaker no.1, has worked for many years in a variety of companies in different positions – from clerk to board member.

Today she is an entrepreneur and is active worldwide with her company, MatchMaker.

The team at MatchMaker no.1 is specialized in filling C- level positions, finding specialists and filling temporary projects with the right freelancers worldwide. To make it work globally, we use digital marketing and also tap into our large network. We have automated processes and through our multi-channel recruiting (job boards, various marketplaces and social media channels) we can reach many more applicants through increased awareness.

The aim of MatchMaker no.1 is to be a link between company and employee and to find the ideal match for both, so that goals and visions can become reality.

Our Services

Our Services

Recruitment of employees

We fill C-level positions and find specialists worldwide. To make this work globally, we use digital marketing methods and also draw on our large network. We have automated processes and can reach many more applicants through increased awareness through our multi-channel recruiting.

Personality and performance potential analysis

We do this in collaboration with various globally recognised analytical tools, which are also used by people/companies such as Anthony Robbins, Marshall Goldsmith, Apple, Google, etc.

Placement of freelancers

We provide you with the right freelancers for your time-limited projects.

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We support you on your journey to take the next step in your career in a company that fits you perfectly.

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Sebastian Plantec
IT Projekt Manager at VINCI

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Sibel Turan
Head of Global Accounting at Trivago

Highest quality

Ralph Mathiesen
CFO at Danone